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About Solarcoat


  • Passed FDA(Food and Drug administration) tests-Confirmed Safety

By acquiring FDA approval, Solarcoat is safe to human body and can be used
as an additive to food.

  • Applied for world patent with the technology of neutral photocatalys

As the only neutral photocatalyst at present, it surpasses the existing acidic
photocatalyst in its function and safety.

  • Its size is below 10 nanometer

Our neutral photocatalyst is below 10 nanometer size.

  • Colorless and transparency

It is colorless and transparency, therefore, no stain or marks will be left on the
surface where it is applied.

  • It contains nano silver

With nano silver, its antibacterial function has been enhanced.

  • It is excellent in reducing airbourne bacteria.

Through the tests done by nanfang hospital, it is confirmed that Solarcoat is
excellent in reducing the number of airboune bacteria.

  • It is capable of killing SARS virus.

Through the lap testing, it is proven to kill SARS virus.

  • It is exported to China, Japan, North America and Europe countries

It is currently exported to many countries around the world including
China, Japan, North America and Australia and so on.


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