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About Solarcoat

Solarcoat Function


The dope which owns the most advanced Nanotechnology and is liquid at normal temperature, is certified as a Registered Technology. It shows a powerful affinity to water and can exert the following superb functions with the innocuous chemical Titanium Dioxide¡¯s function as a light catalyst (Titanium Dioxide is certified as an innocuous chemical):

A) Decompose organic compounds

capable of decomposing matters and absorbing and dismember environment hormones and VOC, thus the air condition being purified;
Wide applications in the fields of waste water processing and waste air purifying
A liquid dope at normal temperature and no need for heating processing when using

B) Guard against Smear

Powerful affinity to water; any surface sprayed with This product will form a long-term protective film adhered to it; the film will guard the sprayed surface against smear in case of a pollutant such as coal dust or common dust being on the sprayed surface, this pollutant will go down the watery surface immediately and a superb capacity for smear-protection has been achieved.
Sprayed glass will be kept clear for the water drops formed with the spraying will not adhere to the surface of the glass but will stream down.

C) Germ-killing and anti-corrosion

With the function of sunlight, Solarcoat can stimulate a photo catalysis and a transparent film will be formed to depress the growth of bacteria, mildew and virus and a unique effect of germ-killing and anti-corrosion is materialized.
Colorless, tasteless and innocuous nature which makes users rest assured
The film thus formed can function as a germ killer and be resistant to mildew for a long time which safeguard human¡¯s health and conform to the principle of economy.

D) Deodorization, removal of cigarette smell, anti-corrosion and purifying of air condition

Capable of decomposing effluvial matters such as NH3 in the lavatory at the rate of 99.8%. Unique effect.
TiO2 can decompose harmful matters and gases given out while cigarettes are burning and is also capable of dismembering the chemical components that form smells of odor, cigarette and mildew during the process of photocatalysis. It can also function as a restrainer of the growth of germ, mildew and virus and fulfill the aim of purifying indoor air. Thus it can materialize all purposes of deodorization, removal of cigarette smell, anti-mildew and purification of air.
The entailing nocuous gases like formaldehyde and toluene given out immediately after the decoration will make you suffer headaches and convulsion in limbs and eczema, symptoms of like kind. This product can decompose the abovementioned organic compounds and thus eliminates allergies above said.


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