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Application procedures

Solarcoat Services

Application Procedures

The common photocatalysts available on market are often applied to the filtering screens of air-conditioner and air-purifier or surfaces of ceramic tiles or bathes, they can only occupy a space of small size and their influence can be awfully confined. Solarcoat is used to spray all over indoor space and its influence can be felt virtually everywhere sprayed with it, and the effect is absolutely more apparent.

Solarcoat should be processed with the effort of professional technicians to be at its best which is quite distinguished from products available on market of its similar kind. And the whole process of the spraying job is virtually effortless: the customers need only give a thorough cleaning to the places they wish to be treated by the technicians (places that sun light and camp light may probably reach), and the technicians sent by our company will re-clean the places (in case of stubborn smear, they will use powerful detergent to get rid of it) to be treated and use the special compression spray guns to spray on the subject surfaces after the cleaning process.

Technicians will give advice to his customers according to different places and environments to be sprayed and this can heighten the effect of this product. This range of advice will include things like installations of pipes to receive ultraviolet radiation and ventilation facilities. After all work is done, the technician will present a certificate issued by our company as evidence for application of Solarcoat.


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