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About Solarcoat

What is Solarcoat?

Solarcoat is a liquefied photocatalyst TiO2 coating agent. It can be used in both
interior and exterior of a building at any temperature. Solarcoat has enhanced
characteristics of photocatalyst, such as decomposing of organic contaminants,
self-cleaning, anti-contamination, antibacteria and deodorization.

Technology Introduction

Presently, man-made damage to Nature has been more and more grave. As known to us all, Green House Effect has been caused by detrimental chemicals discharged from industrial factories and depletion of the ozone layer over the Earth and with the arrival of this Effect, the Earth¡¯s temperature has been soaring, to which already worst situation is added pollution of water resources and overly cutting of forest trees. All this constitutes a grave negative influence on natural ecological and inhabiting environment.

The air and water conditions with which we have the most frequent contact and which is indispensable to our life are now under severe test. Environmental pollution provides the possibility for harmful matters to create bacteria and viruses which may crouch in ambush at the places you live and work. And infectious cases related to skin and the respiratory system has been on the increase especially in populous cities of Hong Kong¡¯ size. Once there is an outbreak of the variants spreading of the bacteria and viruses, it is quite probable that a grave and deadly infectious disease will occur.

To tackle the existing problems of this size, we human beings should try to find out other ways to improve the condition of air and environment in order to live in safety and ensure a safe inhabitable environment of our next generations besides the work we have been doing to protect against environmental pollution.

Hong Kong is cramped with too many skyscrapers and the buildings in the city is a little perplexing. And roads there are always busy with vehicles, and it is densely populated. Such being the case, the city shall spare a large portion of its budget to clean the environment in which its residents live and work and the vehicles they drive. The conventional cleaning methods of wiping and scrubbing can only get rid of dirt on the surfaces. And the other places that are not cared for, for instance, the ceilings and apertures, would create favorable condition for bacteria to grow, which would constitute source of diseases.


The scientists have finally invented the so-called Nanometer Light Catalyst Technology after 15 years of hard research work and have applied this technology to improve the quality of air and environment. In recent years, many nations in Europe and America, South Korea and Japan have started to use this brand new technology in the daily life and it proved to be desirable.


It is the result of unrelenting joint efforts made by Korean scientists probing into the light catalyst technology.

The dope which owns the most advanced Nanotechnology and is liquid at normal temperature, is certified as a Registered Technology. It shows a powerful affinity to water and can exert the following superb functions with the innocuous chemical Titanium Dioxide¡¯s function as a light catalyst (Titanium Dioxide is certified as an innocuous chemical):

A) Decompose organic compounds
B) Guard against smear
C) Germ-killing
D) Deodorization and removal of cigarette smell
E) Purify the air condition

Shone with ultraviolet radiation of sun light or lamp light, any surface sprayed with Solarcoat can do well. The Titanium Dioxide film will stimulate the water molecules to create free radicals like O and OH. These radicals will undergo a certain oxidation chemical reaction with bacteria floating in the air and the cigarette smell, odor and harmful gas will be decomposed and recharged into the air in the form of CO2 and hydrides which will give a fresh air condition to the surroundings around. Furthermore, this layer of TiO2 film forms a protective film for the sprayed surfaces, and they will be more immune to dirt and easy to clean.

solarcoat is the only neutral photosynthesis catalyst and is applicable to any surfaces. We find a wide range of applications in lots of fields with this catalyst for its high endurability. Any detergent should not be deprived of its protective function and this function is retained in this catalyst and has received ideal effect. Solarcoat tops in the list of products of its similar kind in all respects

Furthermore, Solarcoat was the first to be certified as high quality product by PCT. This is the living proof for its mightier capacity for decomposing organic matters than its like kind. And it boasts shorter time span of deodorization, more superb resistance to germs and more reliable endurability.

And it has been through the L.D.50 virulence test and is completely innocuous and can do no harm to human body.


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