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Introduction Of Product

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  • What is Solarcoat-D?

Developed neutral photocatalysts which supplement the problems of the
existing acid types of photocatalysts and enhance the safety to human body, and completed the application for world patents, copyrights and trademarks, and applied for our patents in about twenty countries including U.S.A, Europe, China and Japan.

With its particle sizes being 10 nanometers, its size is more minute than those of the existing acid types (20~50 nanometers), and as its area on contact with air gets expanded relatively, it is excellent in decomposing hazardous articles.

While the semi-acid type of a product has a turbid color of milk, the neutral product is close almost to transparent color. So there will be no problems to have stains or marks on the surface after its construction.

General Photocatalyst

  • Characteristics of Solarcoat-D

    - Excellent in decomposing
      Excellent in Decomposing and eliminating VOCs articles in the air such as nitrogen oxide (NOx), SOx, Dioxin, Nicotine, Propane( a kind of hydrocarbon), Isoprene, Benzene, 2- Propanel, Ethyl benzene, Acetaldehyde, etc.
    - Excellent in antibacterial effect
      - 99.9% disinfection in ten minutes after injecting bacteria for test
    - Retard growth of germ such as bacteria hazardous to human body

      KATRI (Korea Apparel Test Research Institute)

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