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Introduction Of Product

for interior

  • What is Solarcoat-V?
Solarcoat-V was developed based on the technology of Solarcoat-D.
It is a new-concept photocatalyst that resolves various hazardous articles in the indoor air by using not only ultraviolet rays of less than 380nm but also visible rays of 380-600nm as a source energy.
As it is more excellent in effectiveness than existing photocatalysts that use ultraviolet rays of less than 380nm as a source of energy, it is said to be
a next-generation photocatalyst that is effective even in the
faint light.


  • What are visible rays?

  • Characteristics of Solarcoat-V

It has excellent effect of optical catalysts even in the faint lights such as sunlight and fluorescent lamp.

With its liquefied coating agent being neutral, it has excellent safety.
(Pass FDA tests ? confirmed safety)
- Its size is smaller than 10 nanometer.


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